The Palette

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Designers know that context matters. We formulated the Subway Ceramics palette to pair with other materials like Carrara marble, to restore pre-war tilework, to fit architectural period styles, and to offer a wide range of aesthetic choices. What's not to like?

Designed for designers. 60 glaze options. Nine essential whites. Five period palettes. Unlimited possibilities. What's not to love?

26 Classic Series glazes include:

  • 14 rich translucent glazes ranging from subtle to vivacious
  • 9 essential white glazes in gloss, satin, and crackle finishes
  • contrasting black glazes in gloss, satin, and crackle finishes

9 Bungalow Series glazes available in a satin finish inspired by the Arts & Crafts

7 Cottage Series glazes available in a stained crackle finish for farmhouse chic

9 Atomic Series glazes available in a satin finish celebrating mid-century exuberance

9 Cosmopolitan Series glazes available in a solid gloss, contemporary finish

Experience any one of these exceptional glaze options on any field, trim, moulding, or accessory tile in the Subway Ceramics collection.