Introducing 4 Period Bath Archetypes

Create a cherished bath space that suits your home style, life style and personal style.

Immerse yourself in these virtual bath spaces to experience 4 distinctive period styles as interpreted in the classic and authentic tilework exclusively available from Heritage Tile.  Each period bath archetype includes a complete list of tile materials needed to recreate the model design in your own home.


The Victorian period bath presents the historically authentic "subway tile" aesthetic with a perfectly flat tile surface, pencil-thin grout lines and the gloss Avalon white restoration glaze that simulates the original patina of the original, vintage tilework. The high wainscot wall features a profile cap with seamless inside corners and coves to the unglazed porcelain floor mosaic, the optimal choice for its versatility, durability and slip resistance in wet areas.

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Arts & Crafts

The Arts & Crafts period bath represents a significant shift from the Victorian home, both functionally and aesthetically.  This contrast can be seen in tile design details such as the square grid field tile shape and pattern, colorful satin matte glaze finishes, linear box cap mouldings, extensive use of functional ceramic accessories and decorative and vibrant floor mosaic border and field designs.

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Classic Revival 

The Classic Revival period bath suggests a more formal style, conveyed through the tilework featuring the ornamental bevel ceramic tile wall tile in a neutral gloss white glaze with contrasting gloss black as an accent for bevel cap and a Roman base mouldings, coordinated with a black and white basketweave floor mosaic oriented on the diagonal.

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The Contemporary period bath presents an innovative, minimalist twist on the classical by lengthening the familiar subway tile, softening the corner trims and introducing a cool Bianco gloss white glaze to harmonize with the Carrara marble floor mosaics and countertop surfaces.  Indulge in a dramatically fresh and luxurious bathing experience.

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