Kind of Blue

We tuned our gloss Bianco white glaze for classic Carrara marble to form a very cool combo
TILELOGUE Kind of Blue

The gloss Bianco glaze from Subway Ceramics harmonizes with the cooler tones of Carrara marble

Routinely work with with Carrara marble tile, mosaics and countertops? Pairing a white ceramic tile glaze in tune with this cool white stone can be a challenge. The Bianco white glaze from Subway Ceramics was specifically formulated to keep your material ensemble in perfect harmony.

With chilly Carrara marble, a neutral white can appear to blush in its presence. Bianco features a classic gloss finish in a subtly cool white timbre specially arranged to support Carrara marble and other colors with blue overtones

To experience the good vibes created from this duo, a Bianco glaze sample is included on every Marble Mosaic quickship sample card.  Order yours today

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FINE POINTS: Neutral white glazes take on a blush tone when combined with cooler Carrara marble surfaces.

A Bianco white glaze reference is included on every Marble Mosaics Carrara quickship sample card.

Marble Mosaics Sample Cards

Quickship: 10 classic Carrara mosaic field patterns available from MarbleMosaics.com

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